An Artist in La La Land

I’m not in Hollywood, but saying you want to be an artist / writer often earns you as much skepticism as saying you want to be an actor.

Saying you’ve given up your job to go and chase that dream is crazier still, especially to the generation above my own. When I told my manager what I was leaving for, she tried so hard to be enthusiastic, but it was quite clear she thought I had a screw loose. I don’t mind: I think her choices are barmy too.

Art is a huge part of my family. Both my parents were painters, once, before they got ‘real’ jobs. My grandfather was a very successful artist and graphic designer, my uncle too. I pinched all the artistic genes when I was born, leaving none for my brothers, so it was inevitable I’d someday follow in their footsteps.

You may notice a new tab on the menu today, called ‘Art‘ – it will lead you to my Society6 page, where you can buy prints and canvases of my artwork.

First to go up is a vintage-style movie poster of La La Land. My grandfather painted film posters in the day before photoshop, his most well-known being the Battle For Britain poster. I wanted to pay homage to him by recreating an old-school version of one of my favourites films of 2017.

I will keep adding artwork as I go. Let me know what you think of it!

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