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5 Ways to be Braver

Raise your hand (or just your eyebrows if you’re in public) if you’re scared about putting your work out there. If you’re scared of starting a new venture. If you’re scared of moving to a different city or country. Or even if you’re just scared of going for a new job / promotion. Stats say …

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What I’m Writing

One of the main reasons for leaving London, was to find more time and inspiration for writing. I’m always writing something – I always have been, since I was small – and I was slowly realising that this made me happier than all the other things I “did”. London is probably an inspiring place if …

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Wonder Woman Made Me Cry

When I went to see Batman vs Superman with some friends last year, the last thing I expected were tears. My expectations, to be completely honest, were low. But it wasn’t bad writing that made me cry. And, come to think about it, there’s only one thing I remember about that entire film anyway: Wonder …

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An Artist in La La Land

I’m not in Hollywood, but saying you want to be an artist / writer often earns you as much skepticism as saying you want to be an actor. Saying you’ve given up your job to go and chase that dream is crazier still, especially to the generation above my own. When I told my manager …

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My Ugly Duckling Manifesto

This is the story behind my Thought Catalog article ‘To Every Girl Who’s Convinced She’s Still An Ugly Duckling‘. When people see a photo of my boyfriend, or meet him in person, their reaction is always, “Well done!” And they should – he’s a good-looking guy of the tall, dark and handsome variety. Strangers, colleagues, …

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