Antibes: Rosé, Jazz, Lights

At the start of the week, we had a setback. It wasn’t detrimental to our trip by any means, but it was an opportunity Tom had set his heart on. And though we were both still determined to make it work, I’ll admit we felt pretty deflated.

Then, on Wednesday evening, Antibes caught us by surprise. As twilight fell, music filtered through the streets, footsteps hurried past our door and la Fête de la Musique started without us.

We were holed up in the apartment and getting on with our own projects. It was late and there was plenty of work to be done. But something about the atmosphere from outside was impossible to ignore.

I threw on lipstick and heels and we took our rosé out into the city.

Antibes was lit up like a fairground, every shop and cafe glowing despite the late hour. A crowd had gathered up ahead.

We ventured down to join them and found a band set up on the corner.

In the square, more music delighted from the bandstand.

It was warm and the rosé was delicious.

Too delicious, apparently.

Artists opened their ateliers to the public and locals danced amongst the paintings.

They covered Beyoncé and I had a little moment.

And we ran around taking in all the sights and sounds.

Down by the harbour, yachts glowed with coloured lights.

A huge wheel had been erected by the water. Tom let me take his photo (see the anguish).

And we watched the wheel go round.

“On ne voit l’arc en ciel qu’après la pluie.” – French proverb.

You can’t see the rainbow til after the rain. And Antibes gave us a rainbow.


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